Business Objectives:

  • Be #1 in every market and the football footwear leader
  • Winning new leads in key urban cities (JHB, followed by CT)
  • Winning the Creator

The Brief:

To create a disruptive campaign and street activation, in collaboration with Fives Football that would allow Adidas to:

  • Land the ‘First Never Follows’ Message
  • Be the most shareable brand via meaningful engagement through social media
  • Launch the new Speed of Light football boot with impact and scale, and convert to sales (show gains in market share from #1 competitor)
  • In addition to create impactful OOH concepts to create brand awareness

To launch the three new ‘Speed of Light’ football boots, we drew inspiration from the ‘rule of three’, that suggests that things that come in threes are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective. The launch activation took place at Mary Fitzgerald Square, where enthusiasts took to 3 obstacle course style pitches, testing out the 3 boots by completing a series tests of skills and techniques.

Orlando Pirates team players were present to judge, eventually selecting the best performers.

A series of Augmented Reality posters were also given away on the day that allowed for interaction with video and 3-Dimensional content once the corresponding App was downloaded. The content on these posters could be updated and served to consumers from the comfort of their homes.